Treatment of industrial water, demineralized water, condensate polishing and water purification for power stations and industry

Based on the water analysis and the required treated water quality WBG identifies the optimal treatment sequence for your needs.

Treatment processes for industrial water treatment and demineralization:

  • Pre-treatment (screens, strainers, sedimentation, floatation, …)
  • Filtration: open gravity filters, pressure filters, continuous sand filters
  • Softening and decarbonisation
  • Partial and full demineralization using ion exchange, reverse osmosis or EDI
  • Degassing: membrane, vacuum and thermal degassers
  • Condensate filtration and condensate deoiling
  • Condensate polishing
  • Disinfection

Reference GKM Mannheim

A list of references is available on request.

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We are certified according to:


DIN ISO 45001

German Water Directive (WHG)

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