Have fun in public swimming pools!

Water for public pools passes a number of purification steps to remove contaminants. The processes are defined in DIN 19643 (German standard for swimming pool water).


WBG are your reliable partner to ensure the high quality requirements for pool water and professional construction, operation and maintenance of pool water treatment plants.


Water treatment for public pools



WBG works exclusively for public swimming pools (municipal, hospitals, hotels).


We supply new water treatment systems or optimize your existing installation to meet current legal requirements. WBG choose the appropriate treatment in accordance with latest DIN/EN standards with the following combinations:


  • flocculation – filtration – chlorination
  • flocculation – multi-layer filtration with adsorptive coal – chlorination
  • adsorption on powder activated carbon – flocculation-filtration – chlorination
  • flocculation – filtration – adsorption on granular activated carbon – chlorination
  • flocculation – filtration – UV irradiation – chlorination
  • flocculation – multi-layer filtration with adsorptive coal – UV irradiation – chlorination
  • flocculation – adsorption on powder activated carbon – ultrafiltration – chlorination

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We are certified according to:


DIN ISO 45001

German Water Directive (WHG)

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