Filter Material

WBG provides filter materials for mono-layer or multi-layer filters. The filter materials are selected specifically for your application. Our special requirements on materials (hardness, resistance to abrasion and granulometry) will secure stable operation for the entire lifetime of your plant.


Materials of different density and grain size are combined in multi-layer filters. For selection of the appropriate filter materials, we take into account the parameters: height of filter material layer, penetration depth, head loss and water quality required.

WBG filter sand / filter gravel


is crystalline quartz sand according to DIN EN 12904.

Filter sand / filter gravel





is a high quality, natural filter material in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN 1018.



WBG–Dolomit SM (crushed type)

is half-burnt dolomite according to DIN EN 1017.

Activated carbon / Anthracite

Ion exchange resins

Activated carbon / Anthracite


WBG Carbon CS

is a granular activated carbon produced of coconut shells.



WBG Filter coal H

is based on thermally treated coal. The product meets the requirements of DIN 12907, DIN 19643 and DVGW W210 / W212.



WBG Anthracite N

is a natural product that meets the requirements of DIN EN 12909, DIN 19643 and DVGW W 210 / W212.

Ion exchange resins


Delivery of ion exchange resins for:


  • demineralisation
  • condensate polishing
  • softening
  • de-alkalization


We provide resins of leading manufacturers and choose the best product for your application.

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We are certified according to:


DIN ISO 45001

German Water Directive (WHG)

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